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Brand overhaul, brand strategy and digital design for a life sciences consulting firm.

Initially, The Bracken Group's identity failed to communicate a contemporary, sophisticated, and innovative impression in the life sciences sector. They aimed to blend strategy and consulting expertise with a strong problem-solving culture, grounded in ethical practices.

The revamped brand identity repositions The Bracken Group as a seasoned advisor in developing health-improving products, with a foundation of integrity and quality. The new visual identity embraces the concept of "Science in the form of Nature." This encapsulates Bracken's commitment to harnessing nature-inspired designs and applying natural system principles to technological and engineering innovations.

This refreshed identity is visually represented through a clean, innovative, and contemporary style. The designs incorporate complex natural patterns like fractals, spirals, and Fibonacci sequences, symbolizing the fusion of scientific advancement and engineering with the elegance of natural systems. This transformation effectively communicates The Bracken Group's unique approach in life sciences consulting.

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