Fueled by curiosity and creativity.


Founded by multi-disciplinary designer and creative Tripp Johnston, Grafik Fire is a adaptive one-man design studio that helps innovators make a visual impact by transforming their ideas into brands that people love to see.

With a focus on Visual Identity Systems, Motion and Digital Design, my approach is grounded in the principles of design thinking: listen, understand, design, then learn. This method is designed to simplify complex challenges into practical, effective solutions that fuel meaningful results.


Creative Direction

Graphic Design
Guidelines & Design Systems
Interactive Design
Interface & Product Design

Motion Design

Visual Identity

Web Design


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I work for a variety of clients, from tech startups to local businesses, large corporations, non-profit organizations, and the spaces in-between. What they all share is the passion to grow, innovate, and make a difference.

General Inquiries

I’m always interested to hear about new thoughts, ideas, problems, projects or collaborations. If you have something on your mind, please contact me.

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