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Visual identity and digital design for a Web3 lending protocol.

Teller, a Web3 lending protocol, utilizes blockchain technology to offer decentralized financial solutions that are accessible and independent of central banking constraints.

The brand's visual identity is built around the concept of "The Casual Intellect," a persona that embodies a crypto-savvy, early adopter, and proficient Web3 user. This design strategy merges intellectual aspects with a relaxed, approachable aesthetic, integrating animated visuals and refined color palettes. This approach, deviating from the common space and cosmology themes in Web3 branding, distinctively positions Teller in the DeFi landscape.

The custom Teller logo is striking, straightforward, and memorable. Its arrowhead symbol represents protection, strength, and forward-thinking, while also reflecting the Web3 tech stack's three primary layers: Protocol (L1), Infrastructure (L2), and Application (L3).

The brand's sophisticated palette blends teal and neutral tones, with a vivid turquoise adding modern vibrancy. These colors animate in digital formats, showcasing innovation.

The typeface, Söhne Breit by Klim Type Foundry, is crucial for clear and confident communication.

Teller's branding also includes captivating 3D visuals and animated loops crafted in Cinema 4D, enhancing its modern and dynamic appeal.

This multifaceted visual identity successfully differentiates Teller from its rivals, capturing attention and elevating its presence in the competitive DeFi lending sector.

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