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Creative direction, brand identity, and digital design for a Web3 lending platform.

Clarity debuts a groundbreaking decentralized algorithm for credit risk, targeting a broad audience looking to improve their credit scores via cryptocurrency. The aim is to create the world's most trustworthy, inclusive, and diverse credit rating system, making credit accessible to all. This initiative addresses the challenges and opacity of conventional credit systems, which often compromise user data, by offering a more transparent, simple, and universally accessible approach.

The design concept of Clarity is anchored in 'transparency,' ensuring ease of understanding and visibility.

The new brand identity centers on a simplistic logomark, comprising a square and a circle. These shapes, when animated, evolve into 3D forms that represent insight and the ethos of transparency. The square/cube symbolizes the blockchain and its protocols, while the circle/atom array illustrates clarity and perception.

The brand's visual language includes custom icons, graphic patterns, and 3D designs stemming from the logomark, ensuring a cohesive visual language. A striking black, white, and opal gradient color palette has been chosen for its simplicity and adaptability.

The Söhne Breit typeface from Klim Type Foundry plays a critical role in the identity, promoting clear and confident communication on all fronts.

Overall, the comprehensive branding guidelines showcase Clarity's commitment to simplicity, clarity, and innovation in its identity and communication.

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